Where to Drink in Denver: Williams & Graham

Denver is now officially home to one of the 50 best bars in the world, putting the city in the cosmopolitan company of places like London, Amsterdam, Paris, New York and Boston. Williams & Graham, the upscale speakeasy in the LoHi neighborhood, has just won the highly competitive award, announced today at a ceremony in… Read more »


Animal Shot Glasses

  Bottom’s up! No, really… Dark and mysterious shot glasses with an animal’s head as a base. All the animals are designed to balance on their nose and ears/horns when placed as a bottom. The cups are ceramic and heads are pewter. Elephant, reindeer, horse, eagle, lion. Collect them all!


Bottle Grenade

The last bottle opener you will ever need? Twist it – Screw it – Pop it – Wrench it – Crack it – Wear it. The Bottle Grenade – Keychain, Multi-tool, Bottle Opener, Fashion Statement. From the designer- “Are you tired of people handing you a beer, only to ask for you to twist the… Read more »


One-Handed Bottle Opener

Not gonna ask what you’re doing with the other hand… Every respectable man cave has a bottle opener mounted to the wall. But when you’re in the backyard or camping or someplace else, this is the next coolest thing. Looks cool and works great. Makes a great gift for the gift for the guy that… Read more »


Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses

Tequila not included. Lime optional. Spice up your next get-together with these extraordinary shot glasses. They have the finely veined, translucent appearance of rose quartz, but they are actually carved from the highest quality, food grade, Himalayan pink salt. Perfect for tequila, the cup will give a salty twinge to your taste buds, but with… Read more »