The last bottle opener you will ever need?

Twist it – Screw it – Pop it – Wrench it – Crack it – Wear it.

The Bottle Grenade – Keychain, Multi-tool, Bottle Opener, Fashion Statement.

From the designer-

“Are you tired of people handing you a beer, only to ask for you to twist the cap off for them?  So you put your shirt over the cap and twist so you don’t hurt your hands.  Well… I was tired of it, so I sat down and starting drawing.

I have a very small hobby sized CNC Mill in my Garage that I made prototypes on, and started giving them out for people to test.  I would then get some feedback and further tweak the design. I used 6061-T6 Aluminum because for the price you won’t find a lighter stronger metal, it’s even lighter than Titanium.  With my current hobby mill it would take me 4 times as long per part if I used Titanium, further raising the reward price, and we don’t want that.

So now I’m here on Kickstarter to share my product design with all of you.  I have seen other bottle openers on here do pretty well, and it seems there is a demand for multifunctional keychains that are light and look good too.  I haven’t seen anything like my design and am hoping the general public will like the idea of it.  Where I live every bottle of beer I’ve ever grabbed was a twist top, that is the original reason for my design, I then found out about Kickstarter, and am here to hopefully share it with you…”