Flowtron Leaf Shredder Plus Shreds As fast As You Can Load It

Flowtron’s LE-900 Leaf-Eater Mulcher/Shredder quickly recycles yard and garden waste into nutrient-rich mulch that’s ready to be disposed of or reprocessed into compost. Powered by regular household current and featuring special positions for leaves (coarse to fine), grass, thatch, and pine needles, this handy tool reduces 11 bags of leaves to just one bag, saving money on expensive trash bags and trash pickup.

Via Brad B on Amazon-

This is a leaf shredder – not a mulcher. It is a sting trimmer inverted with a funnel on top. I used this to shred all my fall leaves – works great. My wife would load them and I would give it a bit of a stir with a stick. Shaking the unit back and forth will get small sticks to fall through without killing the strings.

Don’t abuse it and it will work great. Forget what its purpose is and you will get grumpy and write negative reviews on Amazon. Leaf mulch went well on our beds, some of our plants didn’t even die back – they were nice and toasty warm under their 4 inch blanket of shredded leaves. Just had to play the guessing game of when to remove some of the mulch to let the plants grow. Too soon and the spring frost will get them. Too late and they will end up stringy. I love my shredder. My in-laws will be getting one soon.