I don’t play a lot of golf but I do play enough that I can generally make good contact and when I do get a hold of one it’s a pretty sight.

I’d been playing with a hand-me-down driver that was a few years old and the shaft was way too flexible for me. So, time for a new stick. I went to local range and after a few options I picked the Ping G20.

Ping has this to say about the driver:

For all ability levels, the external weighting of the large, forgiving G20 driver helps launch the ball high with low spin for maximum distance and accuracy. PING’s proprietary high-balance-point shaft enables you to swing a clubhead with more mass at the same speed, generating fast ball speeds at a high MOI for long, straight drives.

That about sums it up. I picked the 10.5 degree model. Price was $179 and I’m very happy with it. Great value, looks pretty in my bag and I can swing about as hard as I want and not worry about the shaft flexing on me.