Oh yeah- Asteroids, Defender, Pac-Man and tons more.

This cabinet turns your iPad into a mini arcade game center. Authentic, Full-Sized Controls connect to your iPad through bluetooth. Wooden cabinet is sturdy and well made and the iPad fits safe and securely.

“The hardware itself is excellent. The joystick and buttons are super-responsive, just like a real arcade machine.” – J Harvey

“The cabinet is very well constructed and solid with little rubber feet to prevent sliding. The buttons and joystick are good quality and make that clicking sound when used. The Bluetooth syncing took several seconds the first time I paired them, but now it connects really quickly.” – New Beat

“The build is quality. It has a better joystick response and button response than many standalone arcade “fightsticks.” The cabinet is solid, it is easy to assemble, pairs with my iPad and android devices quickly and easily.” – James H.