Call us old school but we’re not big fans of phones at the dinner table. So here’s a fun way to get the rest of the party to play by your rules…

How to play:

  1. Loudly announce “Phone Stack”
  2. Everyone stacks their phones in the center of table.
  3. First to look at their phone pays the bill
  4. If the bill comes and no one has looked at their phone, declare everyone a winner and laugh at the dorks at the other table that all buried in their screens

We’ve seen some cool variations as well:

  • First to look at phone does the dishes (great if you’re at home)
  • First to look at phone does a chore at home (great if you’re out with the family)
  • First to look at phone performs a pre-determined sexual act upon the other (great if you’re with someone that’s sexy and has a good sense of humor.

Some acceptable exemptions can be made with permission of all players:

  • Take a picture of the food (if it’s amazing)
  • Check Yelp or a similar site for menu suggestions
  • Call the babysitter to tell them your running late

Got more rules or variations? Please share in the comment section below!

Comments seen around the web…

“As the meal goes on, you’ll hear various texts and emails arriving… and you’ll do absolutely nothing. You’ll face temptation—maybe even a few involuntary reaches toward the middle of the table—but you’ll be bound by the single, all-important rule of the phone stack.” RB @ Kempt

“How many book clubs, writers group meetings, literary lunches and bar stool book conversations have been ruined by cell phones and other mobile devices? Too many.” Jason @ mediabistro

“Here’s another sign that the world is going up in flames: people are so attached to their cell phones that they need a monetary incentive to not use them during meals.” Gabe @ Eater

Disclosure: We didn’t make this up, it’s been around for at least a year, but we like the concept and think it’s important so we’re bringing it up again. We’ve also seen the game called “Don’t Be a Dick During Meals”. Many attribute the game to Brian Perez but we’ve seen others take credit as well.